Wonder if She Knows

What he was doing all that time in the bathroom in Elista?


Think Tactics Training Might Help Me?

Its black (me) to move....
Chess Diagram of FEN position 2kr2r1/pp1b1p2/2n1p3/qN6/2B1Q3/8/PPPR1PPP/2K4R

So naturally I play 15 .. Nb4
And we end up with... TADA.. Mate in 1.

Chess Diagram of FEN position 2kr2r1/pp1b1p2/3Np3/q7/1nB1Q3/8/PPPR1PPP/2K4R

Carry on!


Happy New Years

I'm sure that my rating will be flatlined for another 365 days. However, hopefully this year I will be able to provide everyone with at least a few witty comments or interesting posts. Best to everyone.