More World Series Chess Analogies

MLB.com analyzes World Series Game 1 like a chess game, move by move!

Meanwhile Steve Henson at Yahoo! Sports thought the Rockies could have resigned last night just prior to the three consecutive bases loaded walks.

"It wouldn't have been quitting. It would have been cutting to the chase, recognizing the inevitable, graciously acknowledging a fait accompli. They do it in chess.Set up the pieces for another day."

And the Boston Dirt Dogs call Josh Beckett a "Man of the World" but I like to think of him as the king!



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BDK for the post idea.


Kasparov and Bush Meet in Maine

CBS Pictorial Report

Kasparov has been signing books at Harvard and in D.C. but he took out a bit of time to talk to the President here in Maine about the state of affairs in Russia as well.


Mexico 2007 Championship Wrap Up

Vishy Anand is... THE MASTER

Final Standings
Vishy +4
Gelfand & Kramnik +2
Leko =
Everyone else.