Maine Chessplayer of the Year

Congrats to Leroy Doucette. Chessmaine.net details the accomplishment.

I will update the Maine Chess Champions list to include this accomplishment!

Maine Chessplayer of the Year is driven primarily by participation and it shows alot of dedication to win the award. Most of the tournaments you need to attend to qualify are in the winter when driving conditions in this state are terrible. You have to really love the game to come out and play in these events. Kudo's to you Leroy.

More Wedding Pictures

Just in case Edukator's wife missed the Chessbase article, I thought she might like to see more of the previously mentioned wedding pictures.

Chessbase Link


Fire on Board? More like "Fired, I'm Bored"

The most amazing news to me out of Corus Wijk an Zee was the performance *cough* of Alexei Shirov. He managed just 1 win and 7 draws to go along with 5 losses, after entering as the 4th seed. Formerly one of the biggest attractions in the game he is probably the most rapidly decending star of the moment, followed closely by Judit Polgar who at least has the excuse of child bearing to stand on.

Alexei was as recently as 2 years ago the most exciting chess player in the world to watch. Every game was a tirade. What's going on with him now?

---- ok last post today, sorry I had alot of topics I wanted to catch up on.

Where have you gone Joe Dimaggio?

Or Garry Kasparov for that matter.

So the undisputed in all but title World #1 Chess Man of the Millenia "retires" ... the chess world is primed to actually be able to re-unite the World Champion title. Everything is going to go so much more swimmingly from now on. We have the PCA and everything now, the internet so world wide fans can follow the world wide game etc etc... and what to we get.

Toilet Gate.
Computer Assisted Cheating.
Accusations of "Non-Verbal Communication" between Player and manager.
Nigel Short... dude seriously, your ugly and the chicks don't dig you.

Please come back Garry. Make this a gentleman's game again. I mean it was so much better when we were only worried about whether the KGB was fixing the championship. This stuff is just too retarded to care about.

link to news: http://www.chessbase.com/newsdetail.asp?newsid=3635

Welcome to "EduKator" or is it "Recess-Bully"


I will put you on my sidebar. You have an interesting twist on the Chess Blog thing. There's quite a bit of talk about putting Chess in Schools, I will be interested to hear what you think about the idea from the slant of a chess playing Educator versus the Chess Player who thinks education is key.