Change in scope

I've changed the description of this blog to more accurately depict what I like to post about. I often want to discuss my games, and my journey to improving at chess. Other times I'm less inclined to push for chess improvement but like to post interesting tidbits about chess I see on the web or chess events in Maine. I hope this will continue to interest the few readers I have.


Pumpkin Chess?

It seems a Floridian gardener has visited Maine and found reason to mention his trip in his blog.

I liked the pictures.


World Championship United, for now

Well in a match that will be more remembered for the .potty conspiracy, held in about the most remote part of the world imaginable, FIDE has finally managed to unite the Chess Crown and we can once again say we have a true World Champion.. Vlad Kramnik. Congrats to him. He fought through alot of adversity in the match, and I'm even gonna put myself out there and say I don't believe he was cheating when he used the bathroom 50 times in 4 hours.

So until, another fued breaks out, FIDE has managed to provide us with a single, unified chess champion. This is good news. Now lets work up a GOOD system to determine a challenger, and make it a cycle that can be played out over and over again. So that we can get back to exciting, interesting, high caliber chess again


Players poopoo on match

New York Times reports that Topolov is upset with Kramnik's lack of bladder control.

Seriously I think I would be upset too if my opponent had to use the bathroom 50 times in a game. The unsaid allegation of course is that he is using some sort of computer or communication device while in the bathroom and not on surveillance. If Kramnik truly is using the mens room 50 times in 5 hours I would be concerned about it too. Oh well, such is the chess world we live in today.