Hello from Lack of Sleepville!

I had plans to take a picture of her laying a chess board with a peice in her hand, but I keep forgetting to do it. Anyway this can suffice.

Aint she cute!


Pictures of a Baby Coming Soon

Sorry no posts in a long while. My daughter was born in Late October, (actually she was born the same day the Sox won the World Series!) and things have been hectic since. I don't plan to completely give up posting here though.

I hope everyone had a great holiday season.


More World Series Chess Analogies

MLB.com analyzes World Series Game 1 like a chess game, move by move!

Meanwhile Steve Henson at Yahoo! Sports thought the Rockies could have resigned last night just prior to the three consecutive bases loaded walks.

"It wouldn't have been quitting. It would have been cutting to the chase, recognizing the inevitable, graciously acknowledging a fait accompli. They do it in chess.Set up the pieces for another day."

And the Boston Dirt Dogs call Josh Beckett a "Man of the World" but I like to think of him as the king!



Hat tip
BDK for the post idea.


Kasparov and Bush Meet in Maine

CBS Pictorial Report

Kasparov has been signing books at Harvard and in D.C. but he took out a bit of time to talk to the President here in Maine about the state of affairs in Russia as well.


Mexico 2007 Championship Wrap Up

Vishy Anand is... THE MASTER

Final Standings
Vishy +4
Gelfand & Kramnik +2
Leko =
Everyone else.


Skipping Ahead -- Or Catching Up or Something

Vishy Anand

I fell behind the Mexico Championship posts, I guess that's what happens when your a soon-to-be-dad. Ah well, my dreams of being a Chess Journalist probably weren't going to come to fruition anyway. I guess I will just boil down what has happened since.

Anand (8.0) is cruising now though with 4 wins and 0 losses he leads the pack by a full point. Boris Gelfand (7.0) is clear second with 3 wins and 1 loss. Kramnik (6.5) is pulling up third 2 wins, 1 loss. With two rounds to play it would take a suprising result for Anand not to win clear first without tie-breaks.

My pretournament predictions panned out in some respects. Anand is winning, Kramnik coming third because he draws too much so those predictions were pretty spot on. However my 2nd place finisher is in dead last, and the guy I picked for dead last is clear second. I think one of the results of this tournament for me, will be to clear some time to review some of Boris Gelfand's games. He is winning a new found respect from me at least.